Vladimir Putin

Amory, The Right Honourable Viscount

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and the Toronto Branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society. The Commonwealth described as the most imaginative and ambitious project in multi-racial co-operation that the world has ever known. The next four years likely to be of decisive importance for its future. A definition and description of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth today, astonishingly different from what it was even 20 years ago. Stresses and strains within it which reflect the strains that afflict the whole of the contemporary world. The Commonwealth's influence for good. What is has accomplished. The makeup of the Commonwealth. Where the Commonwealth goes from here. The links for the future. Economic links. Capital aid. The issue of the European Common Market and the impact on the Commonwealth. The new Commonwealth which will emerge in just a few short years when there will substantially be only independent countries as members. The English language as a cohesive influence. Other unifying forces. The Voluntary Service Overseas in Britain and the Canadian Overseas Volunteers. Responsibilities of Canada and Britain as members of the Commonwealth today. Acting quickly to prevent the collapse of developing democratic political systems. "A potent influence for sanity and stability in this harassed and bewildered world."

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