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The advent of war. Congratulating the City of Toronto on the Canadian National Exhibition. The promotion of the Empire Exhibition in 1938 by the Scottish Development Council. Old and new impressions of Canada. The purpose and activities of the Scottish Development Council. Why the Council has come to Toronto to exhibit at the Canadian National Exhibition. Empire history and how it is enriched by Scots. Empire trade and consolidation. Aptly describing the British Empire today as a family. The unseen ties that bind us together, coupled with common kinship and the link of trade and commerce. The speaker's view of Empire trade under normal conditions. The Ottawa Agreements. Empire trade under conditions of war. The need for our common safety to co-operate and support each other. The United Kingdom's need now for support of all the Dominions and the Colonies, morally, in man power, and in essential war supplies. The essential need for all who have the interests of the Home Country deeply at heart to buy as much as possible from England and Scotland to create the necessary export credits against imports which the Home Country will be making. Business concerns and doubt. Steps taken by the United Kingdom Government to ensure that an adequate section of Great Britain's industrial and manufacturing resources will be continued on ordinary production in order to maintain export trade. The maintenance of shipping facilities to carry goods from the supplier to the consumer. The convoy system as announced by the United Kingdom Admiralty already in operation. What the Scottish Development Council has accomplished and what they hope to do. What Scotland has to offer to the potential industrialist setting up a factory there.

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