Vladimir Putin

Hannam, H.H.

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Agriculture as a biggest business in Canada. Some statistics. Exports provided by agriculture. The production and distribution of food as the world's greatest problem today, and reasons for that. Progress towards developing a world food program. The Canadian Federation of Agriculture, organized some 14 years ago. Aims of the Federation. Successes of the Federation. The importance of international policies in determining the shape of agricultural programs at home and the level of farm income. The formation of a farmers' international federation: the International Federation of Agricultural Producers. Aims of this International Federation. What world farmers want and what they recommend. Putting agriculture on a business basis. The desire for systematic and stable marketing, basic to recommending international commodity agreements, of which the International Wheat Agreement is a typical example. Unanimous support at three annual conferences of the IFAP for a wheat agreement. Details of the agreement. Recommendations for efforts to insure reasonable stability in prices. A policy of abundant and expanding production fundamental in the program of the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization. Work of the FAO. Dealing with surpluses. Results of the recommendations of the IFAP. Dangers of the lack of a plan such as is recommended. Canada's support for the FAO plan. The speaker's conviction that the next great step forward in human history will be that of the world feeding itself by means of an orderly, organized, international plan, and that that is the real basis for both peace and plenty.