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Riddell, The Honourable William Renwick

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An account of the Privy Council, especially in relation to appeals from "the British Dominions beyond the Seas," with reference to some Canadian cases of interest or importance. An historical account of the Privy Council, and the theory and basis of its appellate jurisdiction, in detail. First, remembering that in all but one of the Provinces of Canada, the foundation of all the law is the Common Law of England, and in all the Provinces, the Constitutional Law is based upon that of England. From King's Council to Privy Council, covering several hundred years of history. Some highlights of this account follow. Appeals to the Sovereign from all the Colonies prior to Confederation in 1867. The system of Committees which gradually developed. The system in operation when Canada became British in 1759-60. The importance of distinguishing between the Privy Council and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Reference to, and lengthy quotation from, the speaker's address given in 1909, with an account of the jurisdiction and practice of the Judicial Committee. Instances of cases which come before the Judicial Committee. Detailed accounts of several cases from Canada going back to 1761. Recent events. The long line of cases in which the respective powers of Dominion and Provinces were determined, and are still being determined, with the specifics of one case of dispute concerning territory between Dominion and Province. The speaker's view of the advisability of retaining the Appeal to the Judicial Committee. Notes follow this address.

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