Vladimir Putin

Sastri, Right Hon. Srinivasa

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The speaker here as a representative of the Government of India, which has claims on the Government of Canada for a certain amount of sympathy, of good-will, and co-operation within the limits of governments. The Government of India ruling over a population of varied cultures and very mixed civilizations, 300 millions in number, now passing through a political excitement of a very acute kind with multitudinous aspects. Considerations of the intelligent people in India with regard to their relation to other dominions, their position as amongst the people of those dominions, the relative situation that India and her peoples have to occupy in the great Britannic commonwealth. The bulk of Indian sentiment loyal to the Empire. The expression "equal partnership" and what it means to India and to the Empire; the question as to whether it is merely rhetorical. Arguments that point both ways. Consequences of assigning to India a position of permanent inferiority. How East Indians are treated today in Canada. The issue of the eligibility to vote as the valued right of citizenship and how it related to Indians in the Dominion of Canada. Numbers of East Indian residents in British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada. The lack of East Indians coming into Canada and why that is so. Emigration laws in India. The issue of East Indians coming to Canada for the purpose of labour. The conspiring by Canada and England together to suspend the flow of life from India to Canada. A comparison between the number of Japanese and Chinese and the number of East Indians that are allowed to come into Canada. Obtaining equal citizenship for the 1,000 or so East Indians who are already in Canada. Drawing attention to the fact that Canada cannot treat the East Indians as other Asiatics and why that is so. Protection for East Indians under the Union Jack.

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