Vladimir Putin

Birkett, Sir Norman

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club. Reference to the loss of the Empress of Britain, and the speaker's recent trip to Canada by air. The speaker coming from a country which has been at war for two years. The situation in Britain with regard to the war, its people, and their experience. The Emergency Powers Defence Act of Britain, and what it means. The scarce need for such compulsory powers. The response to war by the British people, and reasons for it. The British determination to preserve their way of life. The realization of Hitler's true intentions. The witnessing of the loss of individual rights through Hitler's actions. The secret of the "Spirit of Britain." Anecdotes and illustrations of that spirit. The realization by the British that all that they value in life is now at stake. Illustrative evidence of Britain's commitment to justice. An analysis of the word freedom and what it means. The special obligation and trust laid upon a lawyer in a free society. The reality of bombings and rations and other conditions of war. Canada's desire to help. A concluding poem.

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