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McCullough, Charles R.

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A time when there seemed to be room for ignorance in regard to the possibilities of Canada. Much to learn from the accomplishments of the U.E. Loyalists who founded this great land. Now the time for Canada to demand that her sons, who have read her history, should learn to respect their land. The discussion which took place in 1892 in an upper chamber in Hamilton with regard to Canadians throwing in their lot with the United States. Erastus Witman, the speaker and others who met to discuss the issue of Commercial Union with the United States. Finding a way to strengthen and wield together men of diverse political views into one homogeneous organization that should know only one thing, their country, and endeavouring to serve her as best they can. This as the origin of the Canadian Club idea. The first dinner in 1893. Membership. The present self-consciousness of Canadians in contrast with the past, risen to the duties and obligations devolving upon them. Canadians now as proud of their country today as any other British subject. Reference to remarks from Mr. J.W. Tyrell. Canadians in Canada who are Canadians at heart, deeply attached to the land in which they live. Words from Susannah Moodie about Canada's future. What Canadians and the Canadian Club stand for. Words from Victor Hugo and the speaker's response to them. The promoting of unity amongst Canadians. Developing this idea of toleration and respect for the point of view of the other fellow in Canada through the movement of the Canadian Club.

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