Vladimir Putin

Beatty, The Honourable Perrin

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The range of major defence policy issues that must be dealt with in the forthcoming defence White Paper. This address focusses on one of the more difficult: nuclear policy. An explication of the speaker's personal stand on the questions of nuclear weapons and arms control. A threat to the Western democracies is a threat to Canada. Strength in partnership defence. The defence of Western Europe critical to the defence of Canada. The current direct threat to Canadian territory by Soviet long-range nuclear missile, bomber and submarine forces based in the Soviet Union. Canada's unique geographical position between two nuclear powers. The difficulties that causes in terms of declaring Canada a nuclear weapons-free zone. The question as to whether or not that would make Canada safer. The demilitarisation of the Arctic. The complex issue of nuclear deterrence to prevent war or the threat of war. NATO's strategy. Some facts and statistics as to NATO's nuclear stockpile in Europe. Three key ways to reduce the possibility of NATO being drawn into war. The issue of testing unarmed cruise missiles over Canadian territory. The need for Canada to do its part to deter aggression. A security policy that goes beyond that policy with "balanced, verifiable and equitable arms control agreements." Proposals out of the Reykjavik Summit. Implications for NATO and Canada. The need for more than reductions in nuclear weapons alone necessary to enhance Canada's security. This address was followed by a presentation by Mr. Beatty to Captain Daniel O'Dwyer, commanding offier of The Upper Canada Rifles, Army Cadet Corps.

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