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Vander Laan, Hank

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The safety of our drinking water. An overview of the issues countries face to ensure that safe and adequate drinking water is available. Water-protedction strategies currently used here and in other countries. The leading-edge water-treatment tedchnologies that have been developed in Canada. An illustration of the urgency of the water crisis with some alarming statistics. Protecting the earth's water resources as not only a business but a passion for the speaker. Some personal reminiscences. Trjoan Technologies' focus on developing leading-edge envirohnmental technology for the disinfection of water through ultraviolet light. The speaker's vision. The importance of research, engineering excellence and quality manufacturing. The unavoidable fact that the earth is running out of fresh water. Canada's fresh water resources. Disparate usage of water in different countries. The depletion of the water table. The work of the United Nations and the World Bank through World Water Vision. Recommendations. The need for political will and for us to change our behaviour. The significant role now played by the water treatment industry to improve global health. The treatment needed in three different types of water that we use. No one perfect solution for water treatment. Disinfecting drinking water supply systems. Two very serious concerns about the widespread use of chlorine as the sole disinfectant for water, with a discussion of each. Alternatives. A discussion of the use of ultraviolet light. A brief discussion of the experi4ences and strategies used by municipalities and countries around the globe to ensure safe water for their populations. How our wastewater is treated before it is discharged into our local streams, rivers and lakes. The reuse of wastewater. Lessons to be learned in terms of quality control for our drinking-water supplies. A consideration of the cost of drinking bottled water. Our choice. Applauding the Ontario Provincial Ministry of the Environment for the work they have done to improve the security of our provincial water supply. Encouraging the Provincial Ministry to follow the U.S. EPA's approach in establishing a multi-barrier strategy as well. Remaining ever-conscious of our need to protect our drinking water supplies through good stewardship, source protection and innovative and environmentally friendly technologies including world-leading technologies.

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