Vladimir Putin

Slater, Dr. David W.

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Distortions and inefficiences in the Canada and United States economies matter, even in the days of interest rates, inflation, and unemployment. Government policies as the cause or support of the inefficiences. Substantial payoffs over the medium-term by changes in government policies. Elements of reform that need to work together. An identification of a number of distortions and inefficiences in each of the economies; reasons for them; opportunities for improvement. This discussion proceeds under the following headings: The Older Utilities--Railroads, Electric Generation, Gas Production and Distribution; Airlines and Trucking and Taxi-Cabs; Financial Institutions and Saving; The Skeleton of Growth: Infrastructure; Footing the Bills; Coping with Inflation. Concluding remarks point to other areas for reform; a priority list for the U.S. and Canada; and an appeal to look back over where we have been, to see what we have done and learn from our experiences; to be prepared to look realistically to the future.

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