Vladimir Putin

Morgan, Ben H.

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A few thoughts on the present political and economic organization of the British Empire. Two streams of thought and action: one in the direction of Imperial Federation; another school of thought in the direction of autonomous government. The speaker's belief that Empire unity cannot be promoted by legislation. The true bonds of unity. The Empire developing at the present time along the right lines; the ever-increasing freedom of each part in the management of its own affairs. The great war disclosing both the strength and the weaknesses of autonomous government. The need for a thoroughly understood and accepted foreign policy, a defence policy, and in particular an economic Empire policy if we are to continue along autonomous lines of government. The need for an underlying principle of Imperial Preference for any Empire policy. What the speaker does and does not mean by Imperial Preference. The position of the Mother-country just before the war, with the War Office inviting German and Austrian firms to supply them, in competition with British firms, with the means of defence of Great Britain. The position today not altered enough. The unfortunate limitation that has been set in the popular mind to the term "Imperial Preference" and its consequent association with party politics in connection with tariff construction. A discussion of each of the factors operating in regard to the Principle of Preference. Giving Canada credit for the development of tariff preference as we now understand it. The British Empire Producers' Organization, instrumental in promoting Preferential Tariffs and inter-Empire tariffs. Hoped-for effects of such tariffs. The advisability of incorporating preference in the Indian tariff. Negotiations to bring about preferential arrangements between Newfoundland and the West Indies. Strides made in the United Kingdom toward the adoption of this principle. Empire finance. The speaker's view that British finance should never be divorced from British policy. Preference in connection with shipping on railways. The speaker's desire to see the old navigation laws re-imposed on the Empire. The suggestion to establish systems of through rates and through bookings. Domestic and social preference. Following the example of the United States in her trade with Cuba and the Philippines and Puerto Rico. Appealing to common sense and patriotism.

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