Vladimir Putin

Finlayson, Hon. William

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Support in Southern Ontario for legislation properly designed to develop the North country. Reference and acknowledgement of those in the audience who have done work in Northern Ontario. The speaker's statement that the North, which is the source of present wealth and the hope for the future of Ontario, is the place where civilization and enterprise and business entered this province. Proof to back up this statement; some history, and commercial history. Opening up the North. The Ferguson Highway opened up this year. Dollar costs of the road to Cochrane. Further costs for the Highway. One instance of cost recovery, or investment returns. The development of the towns of Kirkland Lake, Timmins, Porquis Junction, Iroquois Falls. The value of the Canadian dollar; the development of Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec as factors in that value. Impressions of representative from Australia of our northland. Investment in the town of Kapuskasing. Government expenditures in Northern Ontario. The advantages gained by these Government expenditures. Trying to avoid a repetition of our failures in lumber in Southern Ontario; efforts to that end. The fire service as one of the great aids to development. Supporting the industries of the North through development of roads and waterpower. Monies needed to develop a system of fire protection. Being prepared for restrictive legislation which prevents men from cutting timber on their own land. A request to the audience to use their influence to enable gradual change in our system to bring it up to some of the advanced legislation as seen in Europe with respect to natural resources.

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