Vladimir Putin

Burton, C.L.

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The speaker begins by stating: "Our Mayor and Board of Control, our City Council, The Toronto Board of Trade, our Harbour Commissioners and various public bodies and corporations and citizens have declared for a greater Industrial Toronto. They have said the job of brining new industries to this City should be done and we, the newly commissioned corporation--The Toronto Industrial and Publicity Commission, have agreed to undertake the task." The subsequent address is presented under the following headings: The Functions of the Commission; Earlier Efforts; Harbour Commissioners; New Harbour Developments; Other Agencies; The Board of Trade's Interest; Action by the City; The New Commission--A Corporation; Private Financing Support; The Board of Directors; Co-operation of Public Bodies; The Executive Committee; Principle of Independent Action Observed; Temporary Offices; Our Executive Committee; Temporary Officers; Questionnaires to Local Manufacturers; British and Other Correspondents; Comparison with Similar Bodies; No Encouragement to Unnecessary Competition; Our First Effort--Toronto and Suburbs. Some concluding remarks about hopes and aims of the Commission. Municipal Income Tax in the Province of Ontario as one of the greatest obstacles to the establishment of new enterprise in competition with other provinces. Hope for removal of an unnecessary handicap while preserving revenues from taxation.

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