Vladimir Putin

Bennett, Right Honourable R.B.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club. Reasons for Mr. Bennett's move to England. Canadian concern for the British Empire. The British Empire as the bulwark of Christian civilization. Some words about the history of civilizations, and civilization. Why the British Empire has been so successful. The challenge today from Russia and Germany to our civilization, to our Christian civilization. Accepting the challenge. The defence of Poland and of our own civilization coinciding. Fighting for freedom and liberty. Britain building her sea strength by one war vessel a week now. The extent to which the British Isles are dependent on transport for their existence. The necessity to keep the sea routes open and safe. The appreciation in Britain for those who go down to the sea in ships and do business among the great waters. Activities of the British Army. The Military Service Act in Great Britain and the way in which men were called up. Equality of service and of sacrifice that the speaker has witnessed in Britain. The question of the "Conscription of wealth" and what that means. The British air force. The question of supply of machines. The plan for training pilots in Canada. The importance of a continuous flow of trained men. The effect on the German mentality of this training plan. Contributions by Canadians. Canadians joining the Royal Air Force. Some facts and figures to show what is needed for the war effort. Sources of funding. The need to buy British goods to the fullest extent possible, in order that they will have the money to buy supplies from us. The non-existence of international trade in the broad sense now. The role to be played by business men. The speaker's response to those who say that because we live on the North American Continent we should not be engaged in this conflict. Answering the challenge to our civilization.

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