Vladimir Putin

Marshal, Charles A.

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The varying conditions in Russia as the speaker saw them, which could lead to false impressions. The difficulty of getting an accurate picture of Russia from a superficial view of a few localities. The party with whom the speaker travelled. The accommodation provided for them in Russia. A description of some of the speaker's experiences in Russia. Giving credit to the Communistic Government for some of the things they have done. Education improvements. The establishment of compulsory schools everywhere. The teaching of the principles of Communism. The makeup of the Russian army. The difficulties of conducting business in Russia. The lack of private enterprise and the illegality of business practices. The intense nationalism and patriotism of the Russian people. Farm production. The lack of commodities. The United States and Britain bartering finished products for Russian unfinished products or raw materials. Theorizing about what is going to happen to Russia. The importance of theory in the Russia mind. The Communists in Russia: a review. The new economic policy of Russia. Effects of recognition of Russia by England and other States. The great decision in front of Russia now. Speculation that Russia will compromise with the world the way it did with its own people in 1921. Conversations with the Russian people. What may develop out of the present situation to the mutual good of Russia and other countries. The benefits of putting education and prosperity into Russia; the two best weapons against Communistic or Bolshevistic principles.

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