Vladimir Putin

Manley, The Hon. John

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How Canadians, working together, can face the economic and social challenges as our economy moves into the next century. A pervasive sense of worry about the future by Canadians. Evidence and impact of this worry and concern about jobs. The feeling that our economy is drifting as we experience enormous and rapid change. Information technology and how it is changing our world. Opportunities and costs of this change. The necessity to bring down the deficit in order to create more jobs, and why this is so. The focus of the present government on getting government right. A jobs-and-growth agenda with two clear objectives: getting our fiscal house in order and building an innovative economy that means jobs. A plan and the success of that plan. Meeting the fiscal deficit and debt as the largest collective challenge since World War II. What that has meant in terms of reductions. Some results with dollar figures. The issue of corporate profits and layoffs. Accepting the need for profits and what that means for Canadian investment and employment. The government's challenge to business leaders to work with them. Objectives of government and business working in partnership. References to the Speech from the Throne. Building on the success of the Prime Minister's "Trade Team Canada." A focus on helping to encourage the best and brightest. Seeking a vision for the future.

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