Vladimir Putin

Philip, Percy James

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Reference to the speaker's previous speech and his views on the war 11 months ago. His similar stance today: "We CAN win this war." An analysis of where we stand now. The credit side first: we have held the sea. Secondly, steady progress towards mastery of the air. Our courage and determination to go on. An improved position in Iran and Irak but Turkey remaining an enigma. An advancement from Cash-and-Carry to Lease-Lend in the United States, but remaining resistance to further participation. The debit page: all of Europe from the walls of Moscow to the Pyrenees held by Hitler. Where we failed to hold him back; where we failed to win diplomatic struggles. Turkey still an uncertain ally. The fight for Russia; Poland and the Baltic countries already lost. Hitler's gain of Mussolini; Japan edging towards "making a diversion" in the Pacific. A closer examination of the debit side. Churchill's words "If we fail, all fail; if we fall, all fall." The situation in Europe that could become the situation in Canada. A depiction of life in Europe. The forces driving Hitler. The lack of any sign or German morale cracking. The possibility of the invasion of England. Making use of our last respite. The readiness of Britain. Growing impatient of waiting. The speaker's dream campaign. Heeding the witches' advice to MacBeth: "Be bloody, bold, and resolute." A last word about this being a people's war, not a Government war. An optimistic prophecy of victory if we fight well.

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