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Green, Joan M.

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The newsworthiness of education today. Why education persists in the headlines. Education as the foundation of a healthy, fulfilling life and of a productive, democratic society. A quote from John Dewey. The high expectations by Ontario parents of their children's schools, as it should be. Recognising that a school cannot be a dynamic place without the involvement of parents and the support of the whole community. Schools as the backbone of communities. Education elsewhere. Our modern-day publicly funded school system and its deep roots. Schools as the symbol of what we value. Broadening access as a central challenge. Determining the haves and have-nots, more than ever, by educational success or failure. Meeting the needs and learning styles of many more students than in the past. What we mean by achievement. The underlying structure and assumptions of contemporary schooling rooted in the industrial society, but our economic and social environments being transformed by the information age. Earning a living working for ourselves. The challenge of ensuring that students are competent and confident in a world that values the skills of decision making, problem solving, critical thought and creativity. The Ontario Royal Commission on Learning and its recommendation for the Education Quality and Accountability Office. EQAQ's mandate. The independent status of the EQAQ. The work of the EQAQ. The issue of testing and its impact of education in Ontario. The complexity of human learning and the technology needed to tell us how students are doing. Determining how students thing. The Grade 10 literacy assessment. What the testing has told us so far. Concerns, issues, and experimenting with innovative solutions. Recommendations from this year's Provincial Report. Summary comments.

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