Vladimir Putin

Neville, R.S.

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The speaker's observation that the North Pacific Ocean and the northern countries of Asia adjacent thereto are the only important parts of the commercial world which are not served by British cables. Reasons for this lack. Progress in recent years in both Canada and Japan. Some similarities and differences between the two countries in terms of trade, commerce, and development. Trade between this continent and Japan which will rapidly develop. Canada to use every means to obtain the full share to which her geographical position and her capability entitle her. The means of speedy and cheap telegraphic communication. The need to acquire this is Canada is to compete successfully with the United States. The need for the Canadian cable to Japan for the proper development of the commerce of Canada upon the Pacific Ocean. The question as to how we can contribute something which would be of advantage to the Empire and at the same time, consistent with our much-vaunted autonomy. Ways in which this cable project gives us such an opportunity. Predictions that the next great international struggle will be in the Pacific. Using diplomacy to avoid such a conflict. Estimating costs. Ways in which the cable ought to be a good investment. Requirements for a second line in the future. Determining the life of a cable, its maintenance and its renewals. Issues of defence, priority, rates, contingencies for war, etc. Alternative landing places on the Canadian side of the cable.