Vladimir Putin

Beatty, The Hon. Perrin

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Some of the key developments in the dramatic improvements in East-West relations. Prospects for further progress to come. Where to go from here. Agenda in light of these developments. The strong contribution of NATO; continuing from that strength. Mr. Gorbachev's reforms; what they mean, what they will require; difficulties he will encounter. Implications for Canada in these developments in East-West relations; developments consistent with our comprehensive security policy. Policy initiatives as set out in the White Paper, "Challenge and Commitment." Details of some specific programs. Progress on other fronts, such as consolidating land and air commitments to NATO Europe. The pursuit of arms control measures: activities over the previous year. The political effort of the NATO allies. A discussion of some remaining problems, including Canada's geographical position: the shortest route between the two superpowers. Upcoming talks and negotiations: their objectives and Canada's participation. Canada's role in promoting peace: a review. Maintaining and continuing the progress in the future.

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