Vladimir Putin

Snider, C.H.J.

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"War With the Blinds Down" what the speaker saw in Poland, Danzig, Finland, Holland and Britain last year and last spring, and what he saw in the last three months. Neutral profiteers and other cynics perhaps amending this to "War With the Brakes On." The speaker's response to such cynicism, and his opinion of Canada's war effort. Why outsiders might think the war effort is being held back. The situation in Finland, and in Britain. The lack of understanding as to who is fighting and why. What Hitlerism has done; the need to shoot Hitlerism and shoot to kill. Britain's war aims nobly and truthfully expressed. The need to accompany that with action. This blinds-down war leaving us open to the worst misconstructions by our enemies, our honest neighbours, and our own people. Valiant efforts by the British navy. 100 days of war just the beginning. Time needed to obliterate the German navy. Preparing Britain for gas attacks. Much light still to be shed on what went on in the last five years; much darkness to be dissipated. Effects of running a "blinds down" war on the people. Good reasons in Britain for control of volunteer enthusiasm. The issue of censorship during war. Abundant evidences of Britain at war as never before. Air Raid Precautions. Canadians helping out in Britain. Britain's requirements. The speaker representing the "Telegram" in France as the first Canadian newspaper personally represented on the Western Front. Conditions in France. Understatements in the news. Limitations on reporting. The unified nature of Allied Command. Co-operation between the French and British Air Forces and navies. Speculation as to the immediate future of the war. Saving Britain first. A plea from the speaker not to discourage the war effort in Canada or delay the victory by pulling down the blinds unnecessarily.