Vladimir Putin


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A joint meeting of the Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club. Some of the impressions of the speaker with respect to the Empire affairs and with respect to Canada and its relation to the Empire. The misunderstandings of the position of Canada and the other Dominions within the Empire, and of the vast colonial possessions in the Seven Seas of the Empire. The tale of the development of governmental institutions in the British Empire. Some lessons of history. Ways in which, and historical instances of, the Empire helping nations within the Empire to self-government, often through financial aid. The generous terms that England always has exacted from those she conquered, with the Plains of Abraham as an example. How Canada's national existence has been brought about by being part of the British Empire. Examples in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa of England not as imperialist but as mother of freedom and cradle of a great Empire. How the British Empire is saving the world today; a review of war efforts by the countries of the British Empire. Conclusions of the speaker, drawn from speaking to Canadians on all political sides, and his reactions to them. Questions asked about why Canadian soldiers are spending years in Britain without participating in combat. The situation in India. Victory absolutely assured if the people of our Anglo-Saxon world and our Allies fight as they should fight.

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