Vladimir Putin

Chisholm, Jeffrey S.

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Virtual banking. A definition of the word "virtual" today. How the term applies to banking. The recent evolution of the financial services marketplace, with the example of mbanx. Characteristics of a virtual bank. Why the Bank of Montreal is doing this, and the answer. The changing financial and social needs of our society. How these forces go far to explain another dirver--the accelerating pace of restructuring in the North American financial services industry. Bases for the decision to launch a virtual banking division at Bank of Montreal. How it works. New questions. How the Bank of Montreal has approached the complex human resources challenge. Hiring the values and teaching the skills. The five values developed for mbanx. Building the culture. A word of caution. The year 2000 issue. The special irony about the approaching change of millennium. What the Bank of Montreal is doing to prepare. The speaker's messages today: a vision of what technology can do and is doing to make banking no merely more convenient but more personal, resonsive and humane; a call to action. The wise use of technology.