Vladimir Putin

Taft, Hon. William Howard

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The speaker's experience in the Philippines, journeying there as a representative of the United States. On reaching Manila Bay on hot June morning. The opposition of the military to the U.S. policy of conciliation. How that affected relations with the Filipinos. The wonderful work done by the army in the Philippines. The establishing of laws for civil government. A description of the Philippine Islands. The situation in Mexico. Bringing peace to the Philippines, following the example of England in other countries. Organizing a constabulary of Filipinos. Free trade for the Philippines with the markets of the United States. The leap forward in business interests in the Philippines since that time. Education; the introduction of a thousand American teachers. Teaching Filipino teachers. An organized educational system now. Spending a great deal of money for the maintenance of civil government in the Philippines. The construction of railroads. Health matters. What is going to be done in the Islands. Hope that the current policy will be continued. No expectations to stay in the Philippines forever. Offering self-government at the appropriate time. How long the U.S. should stay. The colonial system of Great Britain and the marvellous accomplishment of that Imperial Government in spreading the civilization of the world and promoting the happiness of 420 million people. What England has done in India. Looking at the British Empire from different standpoints. Today the impartial historian looking at it from the standpoint of benevolent, useful and elevating government.

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