Vladimir Putin

Coupland, Professor Reginald

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England as a rock among the shifting sands of Europe. How England is dealing with her economic crisis. British statesmanship and British strength that has saved and is saving the 360 million people of India from suffering the same fate of China. British policy and British influence alone that prevents the Middle East from being like the Balkans. The British policy of adjusting to new ideas and principles of the post-war age, and the results of that policy. Forces of disintegration within the Empire, some of them internal: Canada's Maritime Provinces, South Africa, Western Australia, the Irish Free State. Also murmurs here and there of academic disputations about the right of secession, about the separation of the Crown into a group of personal kingships, about the possibility of neutrality in war. The speaker's response to such signs and forces. The speaker's contention that the British Empire has never been so strongly united as it is today. Two major reasons for maintaining not only the unity of the British Empire but also the closest co-operation between the British Empire and the United States. First, a discussion of the attack upon Democracy. Second, the attack on that system of collective international co-operation which we are hoping has left behind it forever the old international anarchy of pre-war days. A discussion of nationalism. Hope for the world that lies in the League of Nations. An examination of the widespread suspicion that the British Government is really no friend of the League. The need for caution. The possibility of a situation arising where England, in defence of the League, finds herself almost isolated. The need to "call in the New World to redress the balance of the Old" in order to save the League. Looking to hear the voices of Canada and the United States in support of England. Opposing the talk of the breaking up of the League.