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The speaker's self-description as a Nuclear Newbie or a Newbie Nuke or a Nuke Fan and what that means to him. Here to inform, maybe educate and stimulate thinking. First, a few words about the speaker's company - Atomic Energy of Canada with some facts and figures. Their dual mandate from their shareholders. Three key messages today. The Global Nuclear Renaissance - Nuclear is For Real. The market potential for nuclear power. The environmental case for nuclear energy. The rising cost of oil. The supply of natural uranium in Canada. Rising public acceptance and support for nuclear. A good and improving safety record for nuclear technology. Nuclear in Canada. The opportunity for the nuclear energy industry in Canada. A brief review of opportunities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. CANDU and AECL Around the World. International markets and successes for the CANDU reactor. Nuclear Industry Challenges. Project delivery and management of spent fuel. Ways that AECL is meeting those challenges. Long-term issues. Advocating a long-term mindset for nuclear policy and decision making. Nuclear reactors as an investment with a 60-year life. Decision-making that needs to reflect that timeframe. An alternative fuel resource. CANDU reactors as a platform for advanced fuel cycle technologies. Recent development at AECL. A brief advertorial on AECL and CANDU. Confidence in the future. Concluding remarks.