Vladimir Putin

Vanier, Dr. Jean

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Ladies Day. Some of the speaker's feelings which come from the fact that he has had occasion to visit many psychiatric hospitals and in many ways is linked to the marginal ones of our society. Speaking to men in penitentiaries, and other experiences by the speaker. His role as "ambassador" of the afflicted ones. Relating a particular experience at the home of the handicapped in Bombay. Offering a vision of the life of the "afflicted ones." The need for respect, not pity. Entering a new era in the history of humanity. Our incapacity to progress and to match morally and spiritually and fraternally and lovingly those fantastic discoveries in science and in techniques. Our individual responsibility. Not being surprised if violence does break out, and why. The need to take a new and radical form of action to become men of peace. How to change our hearts. Letting the spirit of God come into us.