Vladimir Putin

The Hon. Chuck Strahl

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A salute to the Empire Club of Canada. The Empire Club with an affinity for Aboriginal issues. The lands of Canada's North and its Aboriginal peoples as Canada's greatest untapped assets. The need the move forward together with Aboriginal people realizing their full potential to the ultimate benefit of all Canadians. Three areas to make progress. Why our country has failed to take full advantage of this rich human resource. Some good news about the changing situation and evidence for same. Ways in which these positive developments are also good for all Canadians. The need for all Canadians to fully participate in Canada's economic life. Some facts to consider. Some demographic trends as representative of significant opportunities for long-term economic growth. Young Aboriginal entrepreneurs. Ways in which the government is working alongside partners in different levels of government to ensure Aboriginal peoples play increasingly active roles in the economic life of Canada and how that is so. Partnership, consultation and education all making strong headway with a brief review of each, including examples. Why these three essentials are so important. Some persuasive economic statistics. Looking forward to new partnerships.

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