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Ross, Hon. George W.

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The natural, the political, the commercial cleavage between Canadian America (or British America) and United States America; such proposition proved from the historical method. The trend in our history which has led us so far on our way, if there is any trend at all. Ways in which the trend of things in a country determines its future. The democratic trend in the United States. The constitutional trend in England. The great Revolution of 1688. What each of these trends led to. The trend in the history of this continent by the peoples occupying the two sides of the boundary between Canada and the U.S. The trend given by the Rebellion of 1776. A brief historical review of that time. The first bias given to public opinion on the continent of America, given by the very people themselves who wanted the support of the French-Canadians, and who wanted all the assistance that Canada could give. Subsequent events. The Revolutionary War. The development of a strong opinion in Canada favourable to the British Government. The resentment against Americans in Canada and to what that was due. The War of 1812. The attitude and financial support even of the Province of Quebec at that time. Results of the War of 1812 in terms of solidifying British opinion in the Dominion of Canada up to 1837 and Canada's own rebellion. Further events and their consequences. The Reciprocity Treaty as an event that separated the two countries. The speaker's suggestion as to how to facilitate trade between Canada and the U.S. without any treaty at all. A consideration of treaty and treaties. Canada, establishing its trade as to be independent of any nation in particular; broadening our exports; entering the world markets. The great diversion because of the Mason and Slidell episode: a review. The War of 1866. An examination of what we have done to build up a sentiment adverse to the American sentiment. Efforts made by the Imperial Government to solidify the Provinces during the time of the Civil War in the U.S. What might have happened in England had not conceded to Canada in 1837 a responsible government. Asking what an independent people might have done under the circumstances. Ways in which British diplomacy, faulty at times, but on the whole favourable to the establishment of British sovereignty, has created a line of cleavage between the two countries. Canada's future.