Vladimir Putin

Vijayaraghavacharya, Sir T.

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To begin, some personal words about the speaker feeling at home in Canada, and why. The speaker's belief that there is a great and subtle bond which connects England, India and Canada together. India: an old country and an old civilization. Bonds which connect with a more recent civilization, like that of England, and a still more recent civilization, that of Canada. Obvious differences between India and Canada. The bond as members of the Commonwealth of the British Group of Nations. Why people of India are proud to be members and citizens of the British Empire. Faith in the rights conferred by being a member of the British Commonwealth. A feeling of ease that the future is for Democracy. What Democracy means, and what it will mean for India. Reasons for the existence of the British Commonwealth. The existence of the British Commonwealth as one of the strongest guarantees for world peace. The aspirations of India. The desire to be in the same position as Canada is today: inside the Empire, as an honoured and equal partner among the League of Nations that compose the British Empire. The hope that that position will be actualized in two to three years. Difficulties to be faced. Majority and minority problems. Two parties in India, including a small party that believes that India should have self-government outside the Empire. The speaker's membership in the larger party that believes that India's proper ambition should be to be a self-governing unit within the British Empire. Reasons for the speaker's position. The desire for a government in India in which all would owe a common loyalty to the King of England. India as an Empire within an Empire. Reasons for the support of Britain in the Second World War by Canada, India, and other Commonwealth countries. India's achievements in the World War II. India, Canada and Britain brought together by the British Empire.