Vladimir Putin

Ball, The Honourable George H.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. The relations between Canada and the United States "too intimate to be easily analyzed and too complex to be taken for granted." A list of five major areas of relations. Briefly, they are: bilateral relations between the Canadian and American peoples and between the Canadian and United States Governments; relations that flow from geography; as fellow members of the Western Alliance dedicated to the defence of the NATO area from Communist aggression; as industrialized nations … responsibilities to manage our affairs with due regard for other nations; common membership in the United Nations. Relations that exist on many levels can complicate the solution of problems. How this can also simplify solutions. Reasons for difficulties in the past. One recent achievement in the area of automotive trade. Three lessons from this example that should prove useful guides in the future. How to solve most of the problems. How we work out problems as a test of the wisdom and resilience of both nations. Recognizing the fact that every great nation possesses a kind of interior life--a private family life--in which no outsider can ever fully participate. Each nation right now preoccupied with an absorbing national problem. How the United States is dealing with its problem of a biracial society. A request for understanding from Canada as the U.S. deals with this problem. Both nations involved in the fight for freedom around the world. The United States and Canada standing together "When the chips are down and there is a real threat to basic values and principles that we cherish."

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