Vladimir Putin

Bridges, John Gourlay

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Reference to the speaker's address in 1938 when he stated that the hope of civilization depended very largely upon a united British Commonwealth, allied to a strong English-speaking understanding and co-operation. The truth of those words today. A United Commonwealth essential to a real and lasting peace. Canada's contribution to a feeling of strength and confidence in the United Kingdom. The role of Canada and the Commonwealth in the time of war, and now in the time of peace. Making up in the shortest possible time the destruction and the havoc of six hard years. The determination in the United Kingdom to tackle that problem and deal with it, as the war was tackled and dealt with. The speaker's three-fold purpose of his visit to the American Continent at this time. The Investment in Friendship. The need for every unit of the British Commonwealth to look around and see how they can best invest in friendship, how they can best assist each other. How what happens in Europe is of supreme importance to the people in North America, and to the people in the southern Continent, and what happens in North America is of supreme importance to those in Europe. Speaking in the matter from experience as Honorary Secretary of the International Union of National Tourist Organizations. Unanimity among the 43 nations attending a conference of this Organization. Results of that unanimity such as the abolition of visas between many countries, the removal of frontier controls and barriers, the decision to standardize international tourist statistics and the decision to make as far as possible the free flow of peoples between the countries a rising and ever increasing tide. The speaker's firm belief in the United Nations and the in the British Commonwealth of Nations. The economic side of tourism. Drawing attention to the important advantage of tourism as an investment in friendship. How travel can do much to remove prejudices and wrong ideas amongst people of different nations. "Operation Friendship," a movement recently put forward in Canada by The British Travel Assocation. Details and reasons for such an operation. Shortages in Great Britain, but the United Kingdom remaining the most favoured and the best tourist country in Europe. The authority on which such a statement is made. Welcoming visitors from Canada to the United Kingdom. Concluding with a poem by John Addington Symonds.

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