Vladimir Putin

Carter, Jim E.

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An update on Canada's mining sector, especially as it pertains to attractiveness as a place to invest. Changes in both the performance and the attitude of the Canadian mining industry. Inspiring confidence among global investors. The richness of the resource. The importance of the mining industry to Canada. How to assure investors that the Canadian resources base offers high potential returns with comparatively low risk. The Importance of Innovation. Investments made by the mining industry for innovation and what that has meant. Technological and environmental solutions. Enhancing economies of scope. Innovative management, with example. Improving efficiencies of operation. New sensitivities towards those affected by mining operations, with example. Government as a Partner in Innovation. Investing in government policies that foster a strong, globally competitive mining sector, and how that might be accomplished. A brief discussion of regulation. Fiscal policy. Corporate tax rates. Introducing positive, forward-looking policies that encourage investment. Incentives. Investing in industrial innovation for every Canadian's benefit. Optimizing Our Prospects.

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