Vladimir Putin

Goforth, Professor W.W.

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An assurance of the support from Montreal engineers, lawyers, business men and even a few academics for the great scheme of improved communication and electrical development of the St. Lawrence. Some comments on the controversy surrounding the project. Considerations that have been made in studying and scrutinizing the potential advantages and dangers of progressing with the project. A review of the most important objections to the project on the various vital issues involved and an indication of what appears to be the most constructive answers to these objections. The need for much more intensive study and research to be carried out before we can safely and profitably embark upon this gigantic venture. A list of nine objections which the speaker believes covers the most vital points, with a discussion of each, and a response to it. Concerns and issues include those of cost; potential benefits or non-benefits in terms of the cost of the movement of grain and other commodities; consequences for Montreal; effects on the navigational season on the Lower St. Lawrence; concern over control by the United States; the attitude of the United States towards the project; the ability of Canada to absorb such a vast increment of power; exporting power to the United States; the potential extra per-capita burden upon the Canadian taxpayer with proportionate compensation.