Vladimir Putin

Goldring, Dr. Cecil C.

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The present time of turmoil and conflict holding promise as well as a threat. The challenge of the time for men to study and learn how to live together in goodwill so that human knowledge may be used for the welfare of man rather than for his destruction. Some quotes from times past about life and living. Learning to prevent war. The part that education has to play in helping to develop human beings. Education in Ontario and the British Isles: a brief historical examination of how education developed in our society. The Royal Commission appointed by the Ontario Legislature in 1945 in order to survey the school system of Ontario. The trip taken to the British Isles, Sweden and Denmark by the Chairman of that Commission, and the Director of Education for the Province of Ontario in order to study developments in education. Findings of that study. Scientific Study of Children. Indication that fundamental changes in points of view regarding education are taking place in the English-speaking world. Such changes the result of the scientific study of education during the past quarter century. A look at those tests and what they revealed. Principles affecting educational practice today. An examination of Secondary Schools. The status of the teaching profession in Canada. Statistics regarding the length of time in the profession; basic preparation of teachers; salaries; complaints about teachers; the average length of experience of Canada's teachers. The general picture in Canada. Striving towards good citizenship.
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