Vladimir Putin

Macdonnell, J.M.

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Problems facing the business community which we will neglect at our peril. The question as to whether these problems will be solved through our system, by the exercise of courage, imagination and initiative and the qualities that go with it, or whether it will be left to be solved by government agency. The circumstances of the moment when through the exigency of war we are bound to have control and regimentation beyond the ordinary. Problems that will be on our backs as soon as peace comes and that are in the gravest danger of being ignored now. A review of the problems of war-time, and the means that are being taken to deal with them. Reference to and words from the Budget Speech delivered last September in Ottawa. Goods and services to be provided, and the means to do so. Financial implications. A pay-as-you-go policy. A review of what has happened since the outbreak of war, to see whether the government expectations have been fairly well realized. Orders from abroad. The Government's expectations about interest rates. The recent British War Loan. Keynes' calculations. War production and the results to date. Signs of solving the war problems reasonably well. One of the ironies that war is helping to solve, for the moment, some of the things that bothered us most eight months before the war broke out, such as unemployment. What we should be thinking about those things now. Remembering what happened after the first war, and some differences to be faced now. Some suggestions from the speaker. The issue of immigration. The challenge we are up against, not merely in the building industry. The Rowell-Sirois Report. Reasons for not leaving these problems and their solutions up to the Government. The challenge to our system. The need for imagination, courage, energy, sympathy and initiative.

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