Vladimir Putin

McColough, C. Peter

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The recurring uneasiness of Canadian-American economic relations. How U.S. capital involvement in Canada is described in Canada. The harsh and deeply serious accusation against the United States of exploiting rather than contributing to Canada's resources. Defense against the influx of U.S. investments. Apprehension about American influence not new. A discussion of this situation. The speaker's position and concerns. Some facts and figures to clarify the issue. What the facts and figures show about the motives of American investment in Canada. Long-term results of American investment in Canada. Canadians' lack of understanding or pride in the climate that has made Canada such an attractive place for capital investment. Canada's position without American investment. The paradox of the situation. Reasons for Canada's resentment of American investment. The case of the speaker's company, Xerox. Suggestions to both Americans and Canadians for improving the relationship.

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