Vladimir Putin

MacDonald, The Hon. Flora

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Changes and challenges essential to the economic renewal of Canada and our success as a nation. Problems and opportunities facing Canada as discussed at the National Economic Conference in Ottawa just days prior to this address. A consensus on the future of Canada. Jobs as a number one priority. Challenges and difficulties in attaining this goal. Changes effected by the rapid rise of world energy costs since 1973. For Canada, it meant that Third World countries developed and produced commodities and resources which had long been a stable and secure source of Canadian exports. Areas where Canada's productivity and expertise has not been fully realized. Ottawa's efforts to solve Canada's economic difficulties. The quality of Canada's labour force critical: the key to international competitiveness and increased productivity. Optimism about the new programs and approaches. An outline of new programs and approaches which the speaker feels are happening "for the first time." Changes for women under the new programs. Instances of the government leading by example. The introduction of enabling legislation. Challenges to all sectors of society. A review of the unemployment system.