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Gardiner, Frederick G.

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The unique experiment which is the establishment of Metropolitan Toronto. A recognition that the expansion in this area is indicative of the tremendous industrial and commercial development which is going on in all parts of Canada. Canada as the finest and most prosperous country in the world today. Canada's resources. Current expansion. Similarities between the economic, financial, and political development of Canada and the United States. Ontario legislation affecting municipalities contained in The Municipal Act, commonly referred to as The Baldwin Act, originally passed in 1849. A constancy of fundamental principles. Reasons for the creation of Metropolitan Toronto. A brief history and description of the Metropolitan Toronto area in the first half of this century. A review of problems characteristic of metropolitan development, including sewage disposal, education, transportation, highways, population, housing, etc. The Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto Act establishing a plan which is unique in North America. The closest approximation in the London County Council in England. The plan, allowing thirteen municipalities to preserve their identity and continue to administer those services which are local in nature and at the same time combine together for the provision of those services which are metropolitan in nature. Services for which the Metropolitan Corporation is responsible, with specifics. The Metropolitan Corporation. Details including budgeting, taxes, municipal expenditures. What it all means. Metropolitan Toronto area in 15 to 20 years.