Vladimir Putin

Lithgow, Lt.-Col. Sir James

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club. The Federation of British Industries. The organization of industries in Britain. Reasons for amalgamation of organizations for the purpose of dealing with general commercial subjects. An introduction of the people who are representing British industrialists. Reasons why, from an industrial point of view, Free Trade was no longer the best policy. Industrialists of Britain and Canada exploring the possibilities of co-operation along purely industrial lines during the time of adjournment of the Imperial Conference in London. Prosperity in Canada essential to the prosperity of the Empire. Industrial expansion essential to the development of Canada, and to the prosperity of Great Britain through the Empire. The development of inter-Empire trade. Criticism of the British industry in the past, and the speaker's response to it. The effects of the war on Great Britain. Signs of an awakening in British industry towards more productive effort. Reception of the British delegates in Canada. The importance of public opinion. Help that can be given by governments in directing trade along proper channels. The results of the Exhibition at Buenos Aires. The nature and future of the British Empire. The continuation of the Imperial Conference in Ottawa.