Vladimir Putin

Mawani, Nurjehan

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A simple message: "Canadians have developed the best refugee determination process in the world." The speaker addresses the topic under the following headings: International Context; The Board and Its Role; Guidelines; Civil War Guidelines; Emerging Issue; Safeguards; Conclusion. Many issues are discussed under these headings, including the plight of refugees, with some statistics; Canada's response to refugees; the difficulties of assessment and determination; the difficulties of determining guidelines; the adoption of similar guidelines by other countries; the issuance of a second set of guidelines on "Civilian Non-Combatants Fearing Persecution in Civil War Situations;" advances and legal issues of refugee protection; the difficulties and complexities of the situation of children; finding a balance; public trust and confidence; upholding the integrity of our system; determining questions of exclusion. The Board's work in the field of refugee determination and how it has contributed to the leadership role Canada plays in the international community.

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