Vladimir Putin

Neville, R.S.

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The idea of universal dominion which cursed the world from the fall of Babylon to the fall of Napoleon, with its highest exemplification in the Roman Empire. Now the aggressive Imperialism which aims at the establishment of universal dominion upon the ruins of the national liberties of the civilized world is the kind that has made the word "Imperialism" offensive to all freedom-loving men. Circumstances and inclination which ordained that the English people should oppose a monopoly of power, and how that is so: a historical review. The development of the doctrine known as the "Balance of Power" and its representation during the last generation on the Continent. The problem of nations which do not willingly assent to the doctrine of Balance. Applying the principle to continents or hemispheres, with instance. The business of statesmen to provide for the future; Britain's search for some means of maintaining the Balance of Power in Asia. British diplomacy once again triumphing, with the Pacific world now promising peaceful progress, international stability, and fair play to all. British diplomacy in modern Europe, and in Africa. Ways in which every nation in the Eastern Hemisphere owes its political position and national liberties largely to Great Britain. Still greater advantages to be found in the Western Hemisphere. A new phase of diplomacy when the boundaries of the new American republic had to be defined. England's refusal to desert the Canadians and Loyalists who had stood by her in her hour of trouble. How Great Britain provided for the inevitable expansion of the United States, and made sure that it should be westward and not northward. Canada finding these natural barriers our salvation in the war of 1812-14. More details of British diplomacy as the map of North American was politicized. British diplomacy with regard to Alaska. A disputed boundary as one of the most dangerous of international disputes. How the boundary of Alaska was determined. The dispute about the north boundary of Maine. Remarks about the Monroe Doctrine. Achievements of the British Empire. What Canada owes to Great Britain.