Vladimir Putin

Strachey, John

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The causes of modern war, I.e., what seems to have caused the last war and what the speaker is bound to say seems so very rapidly to be about to case the next war, or is causing the astonishing preparations for a new armed conflict. The world in a state of very great tension. Getting very near war, and why this is so. Evidence of getting near war. Examining the nature of the capitalistic system. The market for commodities in the world that has become too small to go around. Capitalistic countries turning outward for new markets. Why this was more possible in the past. The struggle for markets as the reason why war is so obviously coming upon us again today, including a struggle for raw materials and other economic advantages. The question of whether is it possible to modify this capitalist system today in such a way that this difficulty of the competitive search for markets can be obviated; to alter the system so that these very terrible evils of crises and war do not assail us. A look at the various reform policies which we see in the world today. Mr. Roosevelt's "New Deal" in the United States. Great Britain's "New Deal" under Mr. Lloyd George. Mr. Bennett's imitation in Canada. What these reform system are really trying to do, and what they promise. An examination of the possibilities of success. The need to give people more buying power. An analysis of the results of the New Deal in the U.S.: why it raised wages and prices. The fundamental dilemma which faces any of these attempts to alter the nature of the system. The revival in Great Britain. Some thoughts from Mr. Maynard Keynes and the speaker's response to them. Problems with the way Capitalism is working out in the world today, for both the working and capitalist classes. The social and international conflicts which capitalism produces. Some words from Al Capone. Communists in jail in Canada and the speaker's response to that situation. Facing the real situation; opening our minds to discussion and solution.