Vladimir Putin

Pearson, The Right Honourable Lester B.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Canadians searching for a national purpose; realizing a great national destiny. Support for such a national purpose from all Canadians. The determination to understand the real nature of Canada and the forces eroding that nature; recognizing the peril of serious internal divisions; also the competition and challenge of the changing world community and the competitive world marketplace; and the opportunities of national strength through unity and the fatal weakness of division and discord. How to create such understanding and recognition. Negotiating, promoting and protecting, up to a point, Canada's trade. Aspects of Canada's current economic situation. The two main problems with which Canada's government must grapple: unemployment and the deficit with other countries. Progress being made. Balance of payments. Foreign capital. The manufacturing industry. The nature of Canada's federalism and the relations between the Canadians who speak two official languages. A further national objective in the field of pensions. Economic decisions involved in a national pension plan. Federal-provincial cooperation in a national pension plan. Elements of an essentially simple and strong Canadian national purpose: what it means, and what it rejects. The purpose, and the determination to make Canada "a union not of parchment but of men's hearts and minds."