Vladimir Putin

Wilson, Donald V.

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Some world-wide problems confronting all of us today. The active participation of The Ontario Society for Crippled Children in the International Society for over 30 years. Gaining an idea of how individual citizens and members of organizations can participate more effectively in many of the international programmes that have been established in recent years. Progress in recognizing and solving some economic and social problems since the Second World War. Philanthropy as one of our most ancient human activities. Philanthropy today as an international undertaking. Several questions which caused the speaker difficulty in connection with arranging this address. A prediction about the century in which we live. The great ferment in the world today which presents a real challenge to Canadians and all North Americans. Developing organizations that will enable persons to work together effectively. Reducing spiritual distances separating people. Establishing more effective ways to enable people to understand one another. The common need to solve our mutual human problems. A concern, indicated by experience, in all parts of the world about the problems of crippled children. Crossing the frontiers in our own communities. Realizing that the future of ourselves and the members of our family is intricately bound up with the total welfare of the entire community and the welfare of the province and the nation in which we happen to live. A recent realization that our own future is also dependent on the welfare of people in distant places. An international language that transcends all other languages and enables the peoples of the world to understand one another despite differences of language, race, religion and national origin. Opportunities and responsibilities becoming more urgent as the number of persons with crippling limitations increases in all parts of the world. The cripple serving as a bond that brings people together. A cripple "as a stone rejected by the builder--which has become the cornerstone of a great international endeavour."