Vladimir Putin

Constable, W.G.

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Speculation of an ideal state of society. Art as a fundamental and indispensable element in life. Art as one of the ends of life, one of the purposes of life, and one of the most important ends and purposes. What Art can bring into the life of the ordinary man. The function of art of giving inspiration to the great majority of people. Art galleries as one of the most important agencies that allows Art to pay its part in the life of an ordered and civilized society. The old conception of art galleries. How the modern art gallery can fulfill its function. The three sets of people with whom an art gallery concerns itself: fulfilling a duty toward the creative artist; looking after the public as a whole; having an eye to the scholar and the student. A discussion of each in some detail, and with examples. How the art gallery can best perform its duties in all three directions. The question of acquisition. Making good use of funding. The use of reproductions. Donations and purchases. Making choices. Supporting the Curators. Funding for things other than the works of art. The suggestion of being able to carry over surpluses. Details and problems of exhibiting. Producing catalogues. Lecturing and guiding. The great potentialities of service to the community that lie in an art gallery. The art gallery as one of the vital centres of life and civilization.