Vladimir Putin

Macdonald, K. Linn

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The speaker's experience in the forest products industry. The significant role the forest products industry plays in the Canadian economy. Major breakthroughs in achieving an appropriate level of environmental performance and sustainable forest management. The economic opportunities provided for many rural communities throughout Canada. Two things about which the speaker is not so pleased. Telling the audience about the industry. The profound benefits that the forest products industry brings to all Canadians and the astonishing changes occurring in Canada's forest industry. Making clear how we can, and must, maintain those benefits into the future. Asking the audience to recall four numbers, and the significance of same. How intertwined the forest products industry is with the Canadian economy and with our society's expectations. Canada's priorities and challenges as we move into the 21st century, as outlined in the most recent Throne Speech. The transformation the industry has undergone in order to meet two competing goals. The industry 40 years ago, and today. Forest planning now an advanced science. The result of this planning. Standards for certification for sustainable forest management. The industry's progress. Economic and social contribution--some facts and figures. Investment in training. The continuing demand for paper products, with examples. Canada's need for a positive trade balance. Two points with regard to the forest products industry and technology. The ripple affect on the Canadian economy, coming from anything that affects the forest products industry. Use of technology, with examples. Why the industry is still the subject of energetic invective, despite the splendid initiatives coming out of it. Making a lot of the right noises. Some fundamental characteristics, and problems, of the industry. Potential limits on the industry's future. The speaker's suggestion that we need to broaden the recognition of how the industry is growing and meeting the expectations of both the government and the people of Canada. How the fortunes of this industry are unusually affected by public policies. What can be done, what is needed. The forest industry, today and tomorrow.

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