Vladimir Putin

Kagermann, Dr. Henning

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Companies today competing in a global marketplace. Facing challenges from two polarized camps in the world: the United States, and Asia, specifically China. The situation for Europe. Addressing the question "What can we do and how can we proceed to give something back to society globally and not just in our home market?" Becoming more innovative. How to become more profitable and to grow. The transformation from pure product offerings to product and solution offerings. Inventing new business models and different ways of engaging with a client. Different challenges today. Managing equal partners in an eco-system. Management of connectivity required within an eco-system. A business language of a system of services. A service-oriented architecture for the IT industry. Re-addressing the European situation - a possible third way between the U.S. Way and the Chinese way? Focussing on the link between academia and business. Finding areas where we can innovate and differentiate ourselves - and leveraging what we as developed countries have done well in the past.