Vladimir Putin

Murray, Major Gladstone

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The speeches are free of charge but please note that the Empire Club of Canada retains copyright. Neither the speeches themselves nor any part of their content may be used for any purpose other than personal interest or research without the explicit permission of the Empire Club of Canada.

This discussion of the threat of Communism, and Canada's place in that struggle, proceeds under the following headings: Moscow On Canada/ Mr. Buck and His Chaplain; The Effect of Propaganda; The War Issue; When Wickedness Becomes Virtue; The Russian People; Victory Certain; Towards One World; Internal Attack; The Future of Canada; Ideas Are Reality; Two Fallacies; Idealism Essential; Ideas the First Line; Materialism; The Supreme Test. Topics covered include the following. A discussion of Canada on Moscow Radio. Spreading apprehension in Canada. Rev. James Endicott, a former United Church Missionary in Soviet Russia, getting fresh instructions for efforts to induce economic depression in Canada. Preparations for sabotage on the outbreak of a shooting war. Canadians being affected by the plague of pessimism being diligently spread by the minions of Moscow. The need to realize that this spread is a major objective of Soviet policy in the conduct of the Cold War. An examination of the war issue. Absorption by the Soviet Empire as the worst conceivable fate that could befall us. Preparing to avoid the worst, and war. Disregarding the propaganda drive while continuing to make reasonable military preparations but putting the main emphasis on the consolidation and expansion of economic power. Taking war, if it comes, in our stride. Remembering the principles of the Communist ethic. Distinguishing between the Russian people and the Kremlin gang. How to defeat the enemy. The defection of Tito and how significant that is. Ominous rumblings from other Satellite countries. Soviet Imperialism disguised as Communism. What will happen when the Soviet structure collapses. Canada's opportunity to give decisive leadership in transforming the United Nations by injecting the spirit of the British Commonwealth, thus providing the first real hope of achieving the One World ideal. A consideration of the Soviet prospects of subduing us by internal sabotage in a prolonged Cold War. Changes in Western society that will counter totalitarian Big Government and Communism. Reviving the inspiration of the pioneering period in Canada. Progress and risk-taking. Assets that Canada brings to her future. The importance of ideas. Real economic gains and individual freedom. Military defences and ideas. The idea of the prudently regulated market economy as the dominating revolutionary force of the modern age. Being firmly anchored to the solid rock of spiritual values; the supreme test of the citizenship of Canadians. Resisting the pessimists.