Vladimir Putin

Schultz, Robert

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Two issues the speaker will address: "the concentration of banks' power in our financial system and; means of levelling the playing field between bank and non-bank players." Expectations of the 1997 white paper from the Department of Finance in Ottawa on the regulation of financial services in Canada. How it is really turning out, and why. A recap of how the four pillars have come down, and what's coming next. The swift and massive extension of bank control of the financial services sector. Is this extension of bank control a good thing? An offer of an answer, drawing on the speaker's field of expertise of the investment industry and the Canadian capital markets. The trend towards further bank domination of the capital markets is a threat to those markets. The nature of the threat. What it means for Canadians. The risk and how to contain it. A revolution in the way economics function, in Canada and around the world. A revolution driven by technology, globalisation and by consumer choice. The result is a realisation by governments that they must allow market forces to take the lead in providing prosperity. The need for banks to participate as well. The need for a level playing field.